Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been awhile and a lot has changed

Wow, I've really neglected this blog. Over two years without a post, one might think I didn't care about sharing. That is completely untrue, a fallacy even. The truth is so much has changed in my life in the last two years that this blog got lost in all the changes. I've been fired, held two part-time jobs and started back to school. I've been working out recently and have had some success, to date from my heaviest, I've lost a total of 35 lbs. So that's 10% of my body weight. Not too shabby.

In other news, I quit my second job today. I was supposed to quit about two months ago but got lazy and didn't quit and then needed a summer job. But now that school is in for the kids and school is in for me, I don't have time to do all three. I'm quite aware I'm going to make less money but I don't want to waste the money I do have on trying to keep a job I don't particularly enjoy. I've come to know a few truths these past two years and one of them is knowing how much you handle and not putting too much on your plate. I could have kept the job, not had any weekend time to myself and been miserable but I don't want to do that and frankly, I don't have to.

I have to be at work in the morning so I'll write more later about everything I've learned in the past few years. All of it has been difficult but all if had to be learned.

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