Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some Success!!

So I've been doing this workout think for a little more a month and I have to say, I feel really good. I'm not sure if it's taken this long to get energy from the working out or if it's the amount of water I've been drinking everyday but all of it's working.

It was Labor Day on Monday and we had bar b que of course but I didn't crave a whole bunch of stuff that was bad for me. I did the grilled veggies and added one, asparagus. It would have been better fresh but all we had was frozen. This proved to make the the spears limp. I thought the grill would make them stiffer but alas, we had hot, wilted asparagus. The other veggies where delicious. Also ribs, sausages, chicken and corn. All delicious. I didn't even want to eat a lot. The Taylor boys ate most of the ribs any. I had to tell them to stop so we would have ribs for others guest coming by later in the day.

I even worked out that night. 30 minutes on the gazelle and man did I feel it when I got home. The good thing was this time only my feet felt like concrete instead of the lower half of my body.

The great thing is my clothes are starting to feel bigger. Nothings falling off yet but my pants are definitely loose. I'm 4 pounds lighter too. Yeah! I lost 4 pounds. I know that doesn't sound like much but it's progress. I wish I weighed myself when I started because I don't know what my starting weight was, just what I weight from week to week. I don't think I'll really lose any weight this week because I've had a lot of bread this week, well a lot for what my eating plan calls for. I don't think I'll gain weight, it just won't be the same level of loss.

I started to work weights into my workout but have slacked off for the last two weeks. I've got to figure this thing better if I'm to be successful. 4 pounds off, and a high freshman to go.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer almost doesn't live here any more

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So summer is winding down and fall is approaching quickly. I have training for football this saturday. I'm kinda excited because they (the district) bought us new equipment. All digital, how cool is that? It'll be cool to see how it's all going to work to give a better product. I like this time of your because it jacket weather. Toward the end of the season I'm ready for it be OVER!! HIgh school kids can work your nerves.

About the picture, i took it this summer at a friends house in chicago. Her backyard is gorgeous. It's so green with this beautiful flowers everywhere. I decided to post it because I think it was one of the best pictures I took this summer.

About my workout, it's been difficult but at least going. I added weights this week. I'm sore all over. I missed my workout last night so I'll have to make it up tonight. I'm up to 30 mins. I was on the gazzel on sunday and it almost killed me. Well, not really but I couldn't walk down the stair when I was finished. I'm doing weights during my lunch my MWF. Todays my second day and I haven't done it yet. It' nice working somewhere that has a workout area available onsite.

As far as weight lose goes, I haven't been on the scale in weeks. I'll do better with that. An next time I'll post a picture of me. I'll try to do that every month to show my progress. Ok, I'm done.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wow! The time really fly's doesn't it?

I meant to write more often then this, like once a week but man, time disappears so quickly its hard to keep up. Anyway, my mom had surgery two weeks ago tuesday so I've been doing more then before. I did the cores before but now I have to cook all the meals and bring them to her. I actually really like serving her, but man am I tried. It took about the whole first week to get used to doing everything. I think its preparing me for when I have kids, sorta.
My workout schedule has also been effected, not in a good way. I only worked out once last week. I was up to three weeks straight before breaking the streak but I'm back on track now. So tomorrow night I'll be at the gym doing my 30 minutes. I think two weeks from now I'll work weights into the mix. On a side note I went to buy some clothes at a popular store for heftier women and man! It made me want to run to the gym. I don't want to talk bad about anybody but why is being really uncomfortably fat acceptable? Aren't these people tired of feeling the way they feel? Too big? too tired? Too much? Well I am and I'm doing something about it.
I'll post pictures later cause I just emptied my camera card from the last 4 months. I took about 500 pictures so that's like 125 a month. I wonder if that is a lot? One last thing, I stopped eating dairy. It really hasn't been that hard. I did have a little ice cream but for the most part I haven't really eaten any thing from cow's milk. I all so stopped drinking coffee. I think next I'll tackle white sugar and flour. That will be hard cause I LOVE BREAD!!! But one step at a time. Holla.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is the beginning of the beginning.

For the people who know me, it's no secret that I'm a large individual. I've made excuses about my size, I think I've even blamed a childhood condition for my weight. It's not that I want to be this fat, I don't know a fat person that actually likes being fat, it's just that I've never really made it a priority.

I would make schedules and workout plans, but never really stick to them. I've make diet changes but eventually just reverted back to what takes the least amount of time or energy to make. This usually means fast foods, which I really don't like. I mean, how many times can you eat a burger? I get really tired of the same food over and over again. But it's easier to just go through the drive-thru then make a menu, go to walmart, fight the crowds to buy food, and then come home and make it. So for once something will be more important to me then watching tv. Which oddly enough is what started this new outlook on live.

I was watching The Biggest Loser on some cable station last week. It was one of the final show so it was down to the last three people. There was a lady on there who was about the size I am now. She looked fanstatic now after losing 66 lbs. She was really pretty but no one could see the person she wanted to be because of all the fat on her body. She talked about hiding behind her glasses hoping no one would see her because she was wearing glasses. I thought about how I look now and how I could be like that lady. I don't have a need to lose a 100 lbs in a 3 months but that could be me. That I can do that.

So today I make a pledge to myself that regardless of what's going on in my life, everyday I will do three things:
  1. I will exercise my spirit by reading my bible first thing in the morning.
  2. I will exercise my body at least 45 mins (5 days a week).
  3. I will eat better which includes making my food and drinking more water.

If you know me, please feel free to join me in this pledge or make one of your own. If you have a Lifetime Fitness membership, I'll be at the gym around 9pm the nights I workout, come on and join me. Also ask me how it's going, I don't expect this will be an easy or fast process so constant reminders will help me stay the course. Also any words of encouragement are welcome.

So today I begin the new me.