Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wow! The time really fly's doesn't it?

I meant to write more often then this, like once a week but man, time disappears so quickly its hard to keep up. Anyway, my mom had surgery two weeks ago tuesday so I've been doing more then before. I did the cores before but now I have to cook all the meals and bring them to her. I actually really like serving her, but man am I tried. It took about the whole first week to get used to doing everything. I think its preparing me for when I have kids, sorta.
My workout schedule has also been effected, not in a good way. I only worked out once last week. I was up to three weeks straight before breaking the streak but I'm back on track now. So tomorrow night I'll be at the gym doing my 30 minutes. I think two weeks from now I'll work weights into the mix. On a side note I went to buy some clothes at a popular store for heftier women and man! It made me want to run to the gym. I don't want to talk bad about anybody but why is being really uncomfortably fat acceptable? Aren't these people tired of feeling the way they feel? Too big? too tired? Too much? Well I am and I'm doing something about it.
I'll post pictures later cause I just emptied my camera card from the last 4 months. I took about 500 pictures so that's like 125 a month. I wonder if that is a lot? One last thing, I stopped eating dairy. It really hasn't been that hard. I did have a little ice cream but for the most part I haven't really eaten any thing from cow's milk. I all so stopped drinking coffee. I think next I'll tackle white sugar and flour. That will be hard cause I LOVE BREAD!!! But one step at a time. Holla.

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