Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer almost doesn't live here any more

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So summer is winding down and fall is approaching quickly. I have training for football this saturday. I'm kinda excited because they (the district) bought us new equipment. All digital, how cool is that? It'll be cool to see how it's all going to work to give a better product. I like this time of your because it jacket weather. Toward the end of the season I'm ready for it be OVER!! HIgh school kids can work your nerves.

About the picture, i took it this summer at a friends house in chicago. Her backyard is gorgeous. It's so green with this beautiful flowers everywhere. I decided to post it because I think it was one of the best pictures I took this summer.

About my workout, it's been difficult but at least going. I added weights this week. I'm sore all over. I missed my workout last night so I'll have to make it up tonight. I'm up to 30 mins. I was on the gazzel on sunday and it almost killed me. Well, not really but I couldn't walk down the stair when I was finished. I'm doing weights during my lunch my MWF. Todays my second day and I haven't done it yet. It' nice working somewhere that has a workout area available onsite.

As far as weight lose goes, I haven't been on the scale in weeks. I'll do better with that. An next time I'll post a picture of me. I'll try to do that every month to show my progress. Ok, I'm done.

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