Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Three. Seriously.

I need a new umbrella. The rain and wind and years has worn out my $3 IKEA golf umbrella. At least I need the umbrella I bought last week to be delivered so I can retire my $3 one. On the drive home I told myself I should research how to repair an umbrella but when I got home, what was waiting for me on the front porch? My much anticipated packages from!

Now before you call foul and try to take away my two disc special edition of Casablanca, I ordered these items with a gift card I got for Christmas. No money out of the bank means no punishment. The one item I really could have used for the last two days was my super cool umbrella I ordered. Because I'm a proper film geek, I got this one:

Can anyone tell me what movie this particular item was in? Don't cheat and look it up! Oh you're just going to Google it anyway so I'll tell you. Blade Runner. One of my all time favorite scifi social issue movies. Cyber punks and androids who don't know if they are human or machine, what's not to love?  The only thing about getting this umbrella TODAY was the rain had stopped by the time I opened the package. Is it selfish for me to want it to rain some more so I can use it tomorrow? 

In other news, I came straight home after work even through I really, really wanted to stop at Target and see if they had jewelry on sale. Hooray for will power!


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