Thursday, January 30, 2014

No, I will not fix your Stuff!

Because of circumstances being what they are, I am on the IT department at my job. I was volunteered for this position because, naturally teaching classes that use a computer means I know how to fix complex network problems. I have never setup a network outside of plugging in the ISP provided router and using the provide password to log my home computer onto that network. I very little knowledge of IP number blocking, subnets, remote accessing, and editing permissions for domains.

If you ask me to fix your computer problem, I will more than likely tell you to A) restart it - "it" ranging from your computer to your router to whatever device isn't working how you think it should work-, B) make sure it's plugged in all the way, C) Google the problem first, or D) talk to the person who gave you the device because I have no special power or knowledge about your problem. I have fixed most of my computer problem because I know how to Google and know a couple of people who have actual training in this field who I can ask to "answer a quick question". Most of the time they tell me to Google a particular phrase.

So you got it right? Ask Google, not me cause I don't know why your "thing" doesn't work when you plug the "cord" into it.

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